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Bellina's Adventures

Bellina's Adventures

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About the Book

Childrens book on what to do if someone is choking.

About the Author

Alvie R. Floyd is the father of two daughters and the grandfather of Isabella and Angelina. After a lifetime of creating and building various businesses, traveling the world and helping his community, Mr. Floyd is also dedicated to helping his grandchildren achieve even greater achievements. He understands the importance of developing a solid foundation for children so they may have a prosperous and healthy future. Alvie is one of the original founders/creators of Bellina’s Adventures. His ideas, dedication and creativity are the foundation of the series and the reason for its success.

Title: Bellina's Adventures
Author: Alvie Floyd & Stephanie M. Dentoni, M.D.
Publisher: Alvie Floyd
ISBN: 978-0-615-48110-4
Language: English
Pages: 33
Binding: Hard Cover
Dimensions (inches): 8.5" x 11"