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Haunted Glasses

Haunted Glasses

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About the Book

Great Granny Grey loved cats. She took them in, gave them a warm bed and food. This is a story about feral cats, a woman who loved them and a great-granddaughter who came to the rescue.

About the Author

Born in the Colorado Rockies during the Depression, PJ listened to stories made up by her mother. She in turn made up stories for her children. In 2008, PJ published her first book, "Michael O'brien and The Magic Hat. "She wrote for her great grandchildren, but decided to share her stories with children who are growing up in circumstances not unlike those of the Depression years. More than thirty-eight titles later, PJ is still sharing. She sends her books to Homeless Shelters and Children's Organizations in the Western U.S.

Title: Haunted Glasses
Author: PJ Cowan
Publisher: Pricilla Cowan
ISBN: 978-0-9896988-5-6
Language: English
Pages: 24
Binding: Saddle stitch
Dimensions (inches): 6.5" x 8.5"

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