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Profitability Thinking

Profitability Thinking

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About the Book

Do you know and understand the internal measurements and financial information the operation of your business creates? Are you using this information to improve cash flow, reduce business risk, increase profitability and effectively manage your business? Do you regularly get and review internal measurements and financial statements that contain enough information to make decisions that create predictable results, track trends and project future performance?

Ideally the answer is yes to all of these questions, but for many business owners and managers it's not. The reporting is hard to understand and inadequate, the days are very busy, and there is no time to learn and use the information. They are flying blind and letting profits pass them by.

This book can help. It presents in an understandable way concepts, strategies and tools to improve cash flow, reduce business risk, make your business more profitable and make you more effective at managing your business.

About the Author

John Bulman is an author, business coach and trainer who combines financial acumen with a background in financial management, sales management and supply chain management to create business solutions using key metrics to define process improvements. He has a unique talent for deciphering complex financial and operational matters, and explain them in a way a layman can easily understand.

Because of his unique skill set and ability to develop people that transcends markets, John is a sought after resource with managers and senior executives from across the nation interested in his perspective, guidance and expertise. He believes that if you can change skills and thinking at the same time, amazing results happen.

Title: Profitability Thinking
Author: John Bulman
Publisher: Profitability Thinking LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9850985-0-6
Language: English
Pages: 182
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 8.5" x 11"