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The Complete Dictionary of Tarot Card Combinations

The Complete Dictionary of Tarot Card Combinations

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About the Book

The hottest topic in the Tarot world these days is the study of Tarot card combinations. While it is important for the beginning student of Tarot to learn the individual meanings of the 78 Tarot cards both upright and reversed, it is more important to understand how the Tarot cards react and interact with each other in a Tarot spread. Finally, for the first time in the history of Tarot, every possible Tarot card combination is available in scientific detail in one place. Some have said that defining every possible Tarot card combination would be impossible, but here it is. It took me over ten years to analyze each of the 3003 possible combinations. I hope you gain as much insight as I have in your study of Tarot card combinations. Visit me online at ~MrKenn~ If you like this book, get the Mobile Application TAROT PAIRS

About the Author

Kenneth Coombs has been a Tarot reader since he received his first deck of Tarot cards from his grandmother on his thirteenth birthday. His well-worn deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards has been around the world with him and back. He has had them by his side since he received them. Kenneth uses the Tarot every day, helping real-world clients in an efficient, effective way. Kenneth has over thirty years of experience with the Tarot cards. He has read hundreds of Tarot books over the years. He has a degree in chemistry and mathematics, and he analyzes the Tarot cards in a scientific way. Kenneth offers Tarot readings by e-mail, telephone, and chat (both online and face-to-face). This is Kenneth’s second book and perhaps there are more to come. His first book, Tarot Alchemy gave an in depth analysis of the Major Arcana. This book, The Complete Dictionary of Tarot Card Combinations, covers the entire Tarot deck. This is the first time in the! history of Tarot that a scientific analysis has been made of every possible Tarot card combination. All 3,003 possible combinations are covered in depth in one volume. Visit Kenneth online anytime… If you are interested in scheduling a Tarot reading, contact him today! Get the mobile app version of this book called TAROT PAIRS.



Title: The Complete Dictionary of Tarot Card Combinations

Author: Kenneth J Coombs

Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-893937-06-2

Language: English

Pages: 489

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches):8.5 " x 11"