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The Ponce de Leon of Boca Raton

The Ponce de Leon of Boca Raton

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About the Book

This story is a quest – a search for a life-giving essence – a red, granular powder that has kept a group of carefree, Floridian seniors healthy and vibrant far beyond today’s actuarial tables for life expectancy.

Seeking longevity, the seniors must travel to Africa to replenish their dwindling supply of mysterious powder. Their adventure, complete with lighthearted suspense and danger, chronicles the group's journey from a blithe, high energy existence in a Boca Raton condo complex to a peaceful, remote rainforest in the Republic of the Congo.

Pharmaceutical thugs, Congolese police, hippopotami, bonobos, a solar eclipse, and a giant, music-loving sloth are major players in the seniors’ pursuit to secure the next century of their lives. This capricious exploit raises the question we all ask ourselves. What would we do if we had a way to live forever?

JL Frank reviews Author Don Scheer’s first short story collection called El Loro Es Verde: (The Parrot is Green):

"A philosopher/humorist in the style of Walt Kelly, Bill Watterson and Charles Schultz."

"Funny and poignant pieces. Don Scheer sees the world through glasses that show him what's really there behind superficial appearances, and he has an enviable ability to shape his images in words that hit home and let the reader feel what he means."

To learn more about Master Story Teller and Playwright Don Scheer, visit his website at

About the Author

DON SCHEER is a retired civil servant who has worked at American Embassies in Southeast Asia, as well as the White House under President Jimmy Carter. He has a Masters Degree in medical sociology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In 2010, Mr. Scheer earned an award from Twisted-Tails, a respected international short story publisher. This award for the title story in his first ebook, "El Loro Es Verde (The Parrot is Green)," is presented to authors who write a "thought-provoking or mind-grabbing ending."

In May of 2011, the Writers’ Network of South Florida presented Mr. Scheer with a first place award for his short play, "The Diagnosis." The play was created from his original short story featured in his first collection of short stories ("El Loro Es Verde") and also in the late Tim Russert’s anthology, "Wisdom of Our Fathers," published by Random House. "The Diagnosis" received high praise on several major television news and talk shows.

One journalist's reaction:

"I guess maybe my favorite story in the book ("Wisdom of Our Fathers") is "The Diagnosis." It makes you laugh out loud and cry out loud."

Another journalist concluded, "It’s the small moments that make the big difference." This is the writing style that Mr. Scheer brings to the reader.

Mr. Scheer's ability to craft comic exchanges among his characters and employ engrossing plots that contain surprising tidbits underscores his skill as a fiction writer of note.

Growing up in the Bronx strongly influenced Mr. Scheer’s writings which are peppered with images of his early years: boyhood friends, teachers, places, aromas of appetizing foods, first kisses in darkened movie theaters, and family ties.

Other Awards:

Sylvia Wolens Writing Competition: First place for prose, 2006 and 2007

Twisted-Tails: 2010 – Third place for short story

Whispering Prairie Press: 2011 Writing Awards – Honorable Mention

Writers’ Network of South Florida: 2011 – First place for short play, 2012 – Third place for short play

Title: The Ponce de Leon of Boca Raton
Author: Don Scheer
Publisher: GA Brown, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9832993-3-2
Language: English
Pages: 149
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 5" x 8"