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Welcome to Jamaica

Welcome to Jamaica

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About the Book

This is the personal story of the adventures of a musician and roving Rastamon names Mighty Spliff. This is the first book about his triumphs and fails in life on his own in many different countries. It's funny, it's sad and it's hysterical at times. These stories will make you feel like you are actually traveling with Mighty Spliff to the many parts of the world. Take this journey and you will only end up wanting to know more about this man they call Mighty Spliff. It's a book that will keep people talking and laughing for a long time.

About the Author

Mighty Spliff is a man that has a lifetime of stories to tell the world. He has been a musician for over 50 years and has traveled to many incredible spots to share his gift of drumming. He wants to share his insights and also show how you can rise from the lowest times in your life to becoming a person who can now rise above them all and succeed in his goals. This book being one of them.

Title: Welcome to Jamaica
Author: Mighty Spliff
Publisher: Self
ISBN: 978-1-937146-61-0
Language: English
Pages: 65
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 9" x 6"