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Zelda, My Love

Zelda, My Love

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About the Author

Born February 17, 1965 in Ft. Hood, Texas and raised in Killeen. I began writing as a way to encourage myself when I felt down or lonely. But on November 22, 1990, my battle with loneliness ended as I met the love of my life, my soul mate, Zelda "Deede" Buckner. After only two and a half days together we decided we would get married. I asked her to wait two years until my tour overseas was done and she agreed but I couldn't wait. We were married on February 11, 1991. We now live happily ever after in Killeen with my daughter Alexius and granddaughter Alexandria.

Title: Zelda, My Love
Author: Claude Carson, Jr.
Publisher: Claude Carson, Jr.
Language: English
Pages: 90
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 8.5" x 11"